The Hakomi Method

The Hakomi Method is a loving and powerful approach that works in the present moment with direct, felt experience.  It allows us to bring mindful awareness to unconscious aspects of ourselves—including the hidden core organizing patterns which shape how we view ourselves and the world.  Core organizing patterns are like the basic operating system of a human being—driving our behavior, shaping our bodies, our qi, our symptoms, and influencing our capacity for healing.  They influence all aspects of our life, including our physical health, relationships, sex, work, spiritual practice, addictions, body image, and life purpose.

When core organizing patterns become conscious, they can be re-evaluated for their current impact, and where appropriate, powerfully transformed.  New dimensions of awareness can be integrated, giving the individual more choice and opportunity for a more healthy and satisfying life.

A depth-oriented healing modality, Hakomi is a direct, empowering, and experiential process.

Hakomi is a native Hopi word meaning, “Who am I?” or “How do I stand in relation to these many realms?”

Originally developed by Ron Kurtz, it has Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 5.36.27 PMbeen a pioneer in the field of body-centered psychology for over 30 years. The Hakomi Method is unique in its integration of mindfulness throughout the treatment session, and has roots in Taoism and Buddhist practices, as well as Western somatic therapies. Current discoveries in neuroscience have validated many aspects of Hakomi and the Hakomi Institute continues to further integrate findings in clinical research.

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