Thank you for your curiosity. We are passionately committed to transformation, healing, and alleviating unnecessary suffering through the integration of body, mind, and spirit. We have found that synthesizing two powerful modalities—Oriental Medicine and Hakomi —is an effective way to achieve those goals.

Oriental Medicine has understood from its inception that the body, mind, emotions, and spirit are not separate, rather they are interrelated phenomena.  Rarely are diseases seen as purely physical.  How we think and feel and conduct our lives play a part in our health.  In fact, in classical OM texts, emotions are seen as the etiology of internal disease. In addition, since ancient times, the mind has been recognized as a powerful agent in healing and disease: “Where the mind goes, the qi flows, and action results.”

As OM has come into the modern medical context in both Asia and the West, the deep understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection at the foundation of OM has in many places been lost. At the same time, patients often come in with complex medical problems with interwoven eco-psycho-spiritual components that require attention. By combining the ancient wisdom of energetic psycho-physiology found in OM with modern Western contributions to psychology and neuroscience, a new integrated paradigm of health is emerging.

[Oriental Medicine + Hakomi] has helped me with physical pain, but has also helped me look within and recognize the emotional components that were playing a part in the health of my mind, body, and spirit. I have rarely felt so supported in any form of treatment…  —DA, patient.
Overview of Hakomi Skill for Oriental Medicine, 8 min

The Fusion of Oriental Medicine & Hakomi

unnamed-4Hakomi integrates the principles of mindfulness and non-violence found in Taoist and Buddhist traditions with a unique, Western methodology to promote self-study, empowerment, and healing.

When combined with Oriental Medicine theory and practice, Hakomi skills create a gentle, yet powerful and effective approach to working directly with qi in all sorts of physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions. The combination brings patients greater self-awareness of their qi flow in harmony and disharmony, as well as practical steps to correct imbalances in qi that produce dis-ease in body, mind, and spirit. (Learn more…)


The Hakomi Method

The Hakomi method is a body-centered, loving approach which allows us to bring mindful awareness to unconscious aspects of ourselves— including the hidden core beliefs which shape how we view ourselves and the world.  These core beliefs influence all aspects of our life, including our physical health.  The goal is to help an individual build a more satisfying, healthy and effective life. (Learn more…).


unnamed-3Hakomi Skills for Oriental Medicine
Workshops and Trainings

Now accepting applications from acupuncturists, Asian bodyworkers and energy medicine practitioners for Introductory Workshops and the Comprehensive Training. (Learn more…)




Lorena Monda and Rupesh Chhagan have been pioneers in the field of Hakomi for Oriental Medicine. (Learn more…)

Articles, Books, & Videos


Hakomi Skills for Oriental Medicine by Rupesh Chhagan, CHP, LAc & Lorena Monda, DOM

“As practitioners of Oriental Medicine, we dedicate ourselves to being sensitive to the unseen realms. We try to see beneath the array of symptoms our patients speak of and get to the heart of the matter: what’s happening with the qi? (more…)